Friday, April 11, 2008

Dad's 95th birthday

April started off flying high... right on over to sunny Florida to visit my dad who was celebrating his 95th birthday. Ron decided he really didn't need to go, so upon mentioning it to my dear friend MaryEllen, she determined it would be a great trip that we could take together.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon expecting rain and the Lord was surely watching over us because the rain didn't arrive until Saturday evening when we were headed back to the hotel. We had a wonderful visit with my dad and his wife Loudell, and my sister Nancy and her husband Teddy were also there from North Carolina. The birthday party at my brother Tim's house was especially nice. My Aunt Mary who just turned 92 was there with her daughter Sheila. There were also several more at the party. All in all my Dad had a great birthday... one that a great majority will never see.

Our Sunday flight home started off delayed by the rain and the take off into the rain created a roller coaster feeling for a bit. The pilot apologized for the bumpy ride and assured us that we would be out of it in 40 miles or so... which was about how far it must have been. We made it home safely just a little later than scheduled, back to dry, no rain South Texas.