Monday, January 13, 2014

No time allowed to be idle

I am forever finding new projects to start... what is really cool is when a project gets finished.  The best project is one you can start and finish in the same day.  Well, that may not really be true.  Some good things can't be rushed.  Anyhow I have a variation of finished projects to show you today.  These projects include knitting a couple headbands

quilting... that is finishing a quilt that was waiting to be quilted for several months...

and finally a finished apron made from an old pair of jeans.  Now the jean apron didn't take long to complete, but I cut the leg off the pair of jeans with this apron in mind several weeks ago.  Don't you think it turned out really cool.

The headbands from above, were not difficult, they worked up fairly quick, but they needed some embellishment to make them pop.

Today was quilting Monday for the QBL (Quilting Bee Ladies).  We celebrate birthdays for the month on the second Monday of every month by having a luncheon.  I found a recipe for a quick and easy soup, Nacho Potato Soup and decided it needed cornbread... my two contributions today.

Nacho Potato SoupThe soup was a big hit and the only work I had to do was cube the Velveeta. I brought all the ingredients (from cans and boxes) to church and put it all together there.  I even had all of the cornbread ingredients all measured and ready to dump in a bowl and mix together. 

Here's to a great week ahead.