Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Cinema Geese

We took advantage of the opportunity for tickets at a great price to go to an awesome movie this morning.  The movie was Samson and it was produced by the same people that made God is Not Dead. They did a totally incredible depiction of the Bible account of Samson.  The movie is only showing for a short time, so it is hard to get the word out there in time... but it definitely was worth watching. We got there early cause we didn't know what traffic would be like.  While passing the extra time in the almost empty parking lot... it was before 10 when the stores open, I watched a few geese wandering around, and was upset when a truck parked and blocked my view.  That is when Ron noted that I should look up over the entrance to the theater... I then spotted the Cinema Geese...

I think I have found my favorite theater of all the theaters I have ever been in.  Every seat was a recliner.  There was no such thing as a bad seat.  Not only was the movie spectacular, it will be difficult to find seating anywhere that is more comfortable away from home. OK, there was one other bonus item... Tuesdays are $5 movie days at this incredible theater. Doesn't get any better than that.  If you ever happen to be looking for me on a Tuesday, you might want to check to see if we have gone to the movies.  We don't go to the movies often, but there were a few previews of some good ones upcoming... Just Sayin'.

Sugar and her two sisters are adapting pretty well to being inside kitties.  We have a couple "thrones" for viewing purposes.  They are good at taking turns, but this is one of Sugar's favorite perches. Also, our back deck has lots of bird visitors, especially cardinals, but the greatest commotion is caused by the neighborhood kitties that like to taunt our poor captive felines.  When we hear the chorus begin, we know there is a kitty on the deck. Once I even saw a raccoon helping himself to the birdseed.  He left at my coaxing, but he really wasn't all that phased by my finding him there with his hand in the cookie jar.  I have to keep a heavy rock on the seed bin to detract the birdseed bandit.

I had fun making some curtains for my brothers truck.  Quilted and complete with Velcro on the back.  Went down to look through my stash of panels and found one I thought he might enjoy.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Banjos and Pictures

Ron has a variety of musical instruments, and some he has had for a very long time.  One of the older banjos he had needed to have the head replaced.  He ordered a couple new parts in hopes that he could get the banjo back up to operating condition.  He found out in the process that the head was a special size and it appeared to be not quite as straight forward as it might have been.  With persistence and determination he was able to resize the base to accommodate one of the new heads that he bought. 
 I didn't get a picture when he had it totally apart, but I had no idea how many layers and pieces there are to this banjo.  He has it all back together and ready to return to his grandson.  It isn't an expensive banjo, but it sure is impressive to someone who knows very little about what a fancy one is supposed to look like.

The guest room is coming along.  It even has a recliner. Someone posted on FB the other day that they were putting together a family picture wall.  I am not sure it will be a fancy picture wall...  it's in the guest room upstairs.  I will give it my best to make it pleasing to look at. I have lots of family pictures, too numerous to display on a wall, but I thought I could gather a few together and create our little gallery.  Right now many pictures are just tacked up as place holders.  Some will have to be printed in a larger format. I also have to find some new frames to help with the presentation.  This is my start.

Last but not least, my brother was driving through the area and got real close again.  It is not easy to find a place to pull a big rig over on our country roads, but we found a mini truck stop not too far out where we could have a quick chat/visit.  It was much easier than driving up into Columbus like we did last week. That is the second time I got to see him in less than one week.  Woohoo for Ohio!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Wandering in Logan

Early last week we decided to take a ride down into the Hocking Hills.  It has been a while (years) since we ventured down in that direction.  It actually is an area that we have both had minimal exposure, but it has lots of treasures hidden in its many hills.  It was about lunchtime, so finding this restaurant in Logan fit right into the ambiance of the area.  The buffet was one of the best ones we have had the pleasure to enjoy.  Although we didn't do any real shopping, their gift shop, that we passed through on the way out, had some interesting items.  Another time, when it is warmer, we might visit this restaurant again and some of the little shops across the parking lot... antiques and glassware among those I can remember.

I finished quilting a really large t-shirt quilt for a friend this week.  The picture only shows a small portion of the events and sports that this treasure represents. Hard to believe that one child was able to achieve all the memories made while acquiring these shirts.

Here's an interesting technique that I recently revived.  My grand-daughter wanted me to teach her how to use the hook I showed her that had crochet hooks on both ends.  The crohook that she had spotted in my sewing room was a short version of this one.  Even the shorter ones were made by Ron, but I noted that Joyce... the lady who taught me how to CroKnit, had an even longer one.  Next thing I knew Ron had made some new Crohooks, and they were 36" long.  CroKnit is a cross between crocheting and knitting and the final result is a reversible, two color afghan.  It has been a very long time since I had done any croknitting, but it didn't take long to get back up to speed.  Joyce would be proud.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


I remember in years gone by when 200 miles seemed like a big deal.  When we were kids, planning a trip to Vermont from Connecticut took us at least 5 hours.  Of course you had to stop along the way, but that was 5 hours to go 200 miles.  Fast forward to the 21st century and 200 miles seems like nothing... especially from a Texas perspective.  Our highways and fast cars have drastically reduced the time required to get from point A to point B.  Now, with our new connectivity, families have branched out and no longer stay "close to home"... in fact half way across the country is not uncommon.  We now have family spread almost across the whole country.  It is easier today to stay tuned to what is going on with our cell phones and social media, but being able to spend time with our loved ones is priceless.  My younger brother's new venture as an OTR truck driver has provided new opportunities for some of our family to stay a little better connected.

He called the other day and told me he was 4 hours out and it would be awesome for us to get together while he was in the area.  He actually was going to have a fair amount of time available, so I made him a good old fashioned supper, and my daughter was able to join us for a fun evening of family time.  We shared lots of memories and laughed lots.

Just a few days before our visit my two brothers were able to connect for a brief meeting in Florida. 

When the opportunity presents itself you have to be ready to jump on it, because those moments are not always available to us. 

Monday, February 12, 2018


Today seemed like a good day to make pizza.  Of course that would be because I took pizza dough out of the freezer yesterday with the intent of making pizza for supper, but time seemed to get ahead of me, supper time rolled around and I hadn't started the pizza yet.  I have made pizza many different ways over the years, but making my own crust requiring a fair amount of time for the dough to rise has become my preferred method.  My recipe makes multiple pizzas, so I freeze the extra dough.  I bake my pizza at 425 and pre-bake the crust on my pizza stone, lined with parchment paper, for 5 minutes before I put any toppings on.  My usual topping is pepperoni.
I read a tip somewhere that suggested sprinkling Parmesan cheese over the pepperoni before adding the shredded cheese on top adds a nice flavor boost to the cheese.  Yummy lunch!

 In the quilt room I have a friends T-shirt quilt on the frame, ready to be quilted.  I have been trying to determine the best color to use for thread.  She did an awesome job of putting this quilt together and I am looking forward to making the quilting the finishing touch.

Still pretty chilly outside, but a bit warmer than it has been recently.  The best part today is that the sun was brightly shining.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Modern Building Blocks

Several months ago I bought a quilt kit that I was thoroughly taken with.  I am anxious to get this going again.  I got it started back in June, but had to put it away for several months to get beyond our move.  Not that this quilt is too difficult, but rather that it has many smaller blocks that will take lots of time.  The kit is a Moda kit using Bella Solids.  There are 48 blocks, starting with 2 - 36" blocks... I am down to the last group of 30 - 6" blocks.  This picture is the cover of the box that the fabric came in.  The instructions are minimal with a little picture of each block and the size of the pieces you have to cut.  Some of the pieces in the 6" blocks are quite small.

I made it through the first two 6ers and was sighing alot, and my husband makes the comment, you should do them using your paper piecing technique. This is block two of the 6's before I started stitching it.  Those little triangles like to shift as I am stitching, and I probably take almost as many seams out as I put in.  When it comes time to square them up to assemble the final quilt, I will only have two of these smaller blocks to worry about.  I dug out my old laptop that had EQ6 on it.  For those who don't know what EQ6 is... Electric Quilt 6.  The program has many blocks in its library and all you have to do is find your block, open it, and you can print it as a Paper Piecing design.  I have not found all my blocks yet in the library, but I am hopeful that they are all hiding in there somewhere.  So the last 28 blocks I will be using paper.  Paper piecing just makes little pieces so much easier to deal with, and points are right on.

Grand Daughter came yesterday to quilt a baby quilt.  She did an awesome job.  She used Minky on the back and I showed her how to turn the back to the front for the binding.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Mr. Creation has been laying pretty low these past few months, so I thought it would be fitting to make a new quilt and bring a smile to his face.
I made a bed size quilt a while back, including a center panel with lots of dinosaurs.  Ron really likes that quilt, but it is too large to drag out and cover up with while he is watching TV.  I had lots of scrap fabric left from this larger quilt, and I found a really good way to use a fair amount of this extra fabric to make a lap quilt with fleece on the back, for a little extra added warmth.  I made a quilt recently that I used minky on the back and Ron thought that was a great idea.  This lap size quilt really does have a nice feel, and it definitely is warm... and it has dinosaurs.

Ron's tip that he discovered the other day came into play again today... The tip about having the presser foot up when you thread your machine.  I frequently have issues with my 40 wt. polyester thread on my Baby Lock... so much so that I usually avoid using it on the Baby Lock.  Today I really wanted to use a variegated thread and decided it was worth a try with that tip in mind.  I made sure to lift the presser foot and threaded the variegated and stitched the binding down using a decorative stitch and I made it all around the quilt without one thread break.  That has never happened before... but before yesterday I almost never had the presser foot up when I threaded my machine.