Friday, September 18, 2009


While we were gone it finally decided to rain in South Texas. We came home to find a lot more green than when we left. There are actually flowers blooming that make it almost look like Spring. Our Esperanza has the most blooms I think I have seen on it at one time.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Home again

It was at times very relaxing, and at times quite invigorating, so I guess you'd have to say the last couple of weeks were quite enjoyable. Janice & Barney were an added bonus and a new experience for us... we made a trip to Colorado with another couple tagging along and I think we all enjoyed the comaraderie. I have quite a menagerie of pictures to go through and pull the good ones to post. Bible discussions, Chickenfoot, lunch in Crested Butte and a train ride through some pretty awesome mountains in southwest Colorado were among the activities.

Riding through Navajo country on our ride through Arizona to go visit Brad & family was very picturesque. I even got to step a foot in Utah. Brock is a pretty neat kid, and his Mom a blessing to be around.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Roswell, New Mexico

Here we are in the hometown of the aliens. Did you know that their landing was supposed to have happened in 1947? I don't think I knew exactly what year it is recorded as happening... now I am informed.

Janice and I had a fun time shopping for fabric at a quilt shop in Carlsbad. They had a rack that had bolts of fabric for 50% off and if you bought the remainder of the bolt it was 75% off... so we bought one that had 11 yards left, and we will split it in half when we get to the cabin. Hopefully we will both find a quilt that needs a backing and this one will work. When we were at the cutting table I got a call from Ron who was at the Museum down the street a bit with Barney. He said there was a whole room setup with quilts ready for an upcoming quilt show... and the museum was closing in 1/2 hour. He suggested we hustle along. The quilts were great and Janice got a free print of a painting that was a gift from the Museum... Ron & I had been there before and already had the print.

We are now at our hotel in Roswell. Janice asked if we were in danger of an alien attack during the night... I assured her we were safe from aliens... at least the type of aliens she was referring to.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Count down to departure

It is now less than 12 hours until we leave for Colorado. Today was pretty busy all day with all those last minute things you have to get done. One of the tasks for the day was to give Keiha a bath before she went on her vacation and I planned on doing it after lunch. I remembered at supper time and I did get it done, but it was 5:30. She has dense fur, so when I took her over to the Smith's at 8:30, Keiha was still damp underneath. I think she didn't even care, she was just happy to be there. I know she isn't going to miss me.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September is here

In less than two days we are off again. This time it is for 10 or 12 days. Boston, Sugar, Shorty & Fluffer will miss their little treats they get through the day, but they will be well taken care of in our absence. Keiha our trusty Sheriff Kei (she keeps the cats in line) will be taking a vacation from her duties and will assume the role of Keiha Rochelle while we are gone. I'm not sure that Keiha will miss us too much... she gets alot of special attention at the Smith residence.