Friday, July 9, 2010

Another great Friday and a Giveaway

As many already know, Fridays are special around here.  There are exceptions, but as a rule we make Fridays special by going to lunch somewhere special, or doing something fun, and quite often both.  Today we didn't have anything special planned but we went someplace different for lunch.

I want to start something new here.  I have not done a giveaway before, but I will send a quilt pattern for the Yellow Brick Road to the first person who can identify which national chain restaurant this picture was taken at today.
We had a very nice lunch and it is a restaurant that we will do again.  I had been to one of these restaurants before, but my husband had not.
If you want to try for the right answer, send me a comment.

I have been working on a kitty wall hanging.  I think I have decided that maybe I will look for some nice simple kitty blocks that I can use to create an additional border(s) on this quilt to make it at least large enough to use as a lap quilt.  Right now I could just add the backing and start quilting, but I think I will put a hold on that, at least until I determine if I can find something for an additional border.

I mentioned yesterday that I bought a new Juki F600.  I thought I'd include a picture here.  It is still very new, and it takes time to figure out all that a new machine will do, but I think I am really going to be very happy with this one.

When we got home this afternoon, I wanted to resolve the issue I have with the chair I use when I am sitting at my sewing machine.  I previously had my two sewing machines that I use the most set up in my sewing room, and I moved the one I use more to the left side because the comfortable office chair has a high back and it would bump the ironing board every time I got up.  I have an older office chair that I gave to my husband that I really liked alot, but the seat cushion was worn and threadbare.  He took it out to use at his shop desk and bought a new one for me.  The new one is quite comfortable, but it has a high back.  When I set up my new Juki F600, I did not want to displace the other Juki 98Q, so that would mean I could not use the comfortable new chair.  The old chair that got moved out to the shop was very comfortable, and had a low back that missed the ironing board, but it was really ugly.  We looked at chairs today, but most have high backs.  I decided I would revamp the old chair and give the new comfortable chair to my husband.

My first step in this reconstruction was to secure the foam that was exposed in the cushion.  I didn't want the fibers from the old seat cover rolling back under the new cover, so I tucked a piece of fabric under the old cover and tack stitched around all the edges.  I then took a piece of upholstery fabric I had and fashioned the seat cover using a double layer of fabric and I made piping to go around the edge, and a drawstring to tighten the bottom edge and to secure it at the back.

I think it turned out pretty nice, and now I have my old familiar, comfortable chair back... with a new look.  Have a great weekend.


  1. carosel cafe not sure about spelling DixieH

  2. Not the Carousel Cafe - I have not heard of that one.