Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Total change of pace

Before we left for our trip to Colorado, the last quilt I worked on was the quilt that we have been working on at our Monday quilt group at church for several months now.  We were able to get the top all sewn together, complete with the borders.  We had a bit of a discussion about the choices made for the borders, but I think it turned out to be a nice compliment to our scrap quilt.

Our Colorado trip finally happened, and this time we had guests go with us.  Actually they followed us.  We had some rain along the trip in and I was concerned that Cottonwood Pass would be too messy for a safe trip over. I said alot of prayers as we got closer and the rain subsided enough to allow us to go in through Cottonwood.  Beth who was driving the other car was a novice to the mountain passes, and Cottonwood is paved on the Eastern slope, but it is a dirt road without any guardrails on the Western slope.  Beth was OK driving to the summit, but I jumped in the drivers seat for her on the descent into Taylor Park, for which she was very grateful.  Barb was also very happy to have me driving. 

We did not have any big plans for touring, it was intended to be a relaxing getaway.  Ron & I often don't leave the area around the cabin for several days at a time.  Barb & Beth  were in awe of the beautiful mountains and lakes, and the scenery in general.
Mirror Lake was one of the highlights.  Getting to Mirror Lake is not intended for a normal car... the road is pretty rough and very rocky.  Once at the lake, you are surrounded by the beauty.

On our trip down the canyon into Gunnison they were able to see the expanse of Taylor Reservoir.  The reservoir is surrounded by a multitude of breath taking mountain vistas
The opportunity for pictures are everywhere.


Our cabin is situated in the pines where it is not possible to see the sunset very good, so we took the opportunity to drive to the entrance to the sub-division and sit and enjoy the changes in the view as the sun went down.  We didn't get any great shades of red in the setting sun, but we did get a clear meaning of the term "purple mountains majesty".

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Now I will have to get back to some serious quilting.


  1. Love,love,love those mountains. Enjoyed your pics very much.

  2. Gorgeous pictures of the views around the cabin - we'll have to get there to see you guys one day! I love the border for the quilt!! And your i-spy from stash is shaping up nicely too! Hope you are enjoying the end of summer. We miss you here in Vermont!