Thursday, November 18, 2010

Take your pickles up a notch

I have no picture for this post, but I have told a few people about the pickles that I make and have decided that I could post the directions (recipe) here.

First I buy a gallon jar of dill pickles (hamburger dills) at Sam's, and a small can of sliced jalapena peppers from the local grocery.  Two cloves of garlic that I cut into slivers and one cup of sugar.  I use a large glass jar - 2 quart that has a tight sealing lid.  I put a couple slivers of the garlic and some of the jalapeno peppers in the bottom of the jar then I start transferring pickles from the gallon jar into the 2 quart jar.  I layer the pickles with the garlic and peppers until I have transferred about 1/4 of the pickles.  Put all the juice from the jalapeno peppers and enough of the pickle juice to almost cover the pickles.  You want to leave enough of the juice in the big jar to do the remaining pickles.  Now you add the 1 cup of sugar on top and close the lid tightly and turn the jar over so the sugar will start to dissolve.

For two weeks, every day you turn the jar over once...  so one day the jar is sitting on its lid and the next it is upright.  At the end of the two weeks your pickles are ready to eat.

If you have a way to weigh the jar of pickles before you start transferring pickles you can make sure that you only use 1/4 of the pickles and juice at a time.  If the jar you use is large enough and you want to divide it into thirds instead of quarters, the only measurement I would change is the sugar.  If you like your pickles with a little more kick, use a larger jar of jalapenos and maybe add another clove of garlic.  After the first batch you can decide how to adjust the second batch. 

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