Friday, April 29, 2011

Garden block done

Today was another busy day.  We typically go into San Antonio on Fridays.  We had to drop the new car off for a minor adjustment.  When we got there, they gave us a loaner car to go do something so we wouldn't be sitting there waiting. We went several places just to kill some time.  I need to find a new hat to go with the new car... did I mention that the new car is a Corvette... Ron's Dream Car.  Still have not found the right hat, but we did stop in several stores, including Bass Pro Shop. 

When we finally got home I was able to get the words stitched onto the last block I completed yesterday.  This block turned out really nice.  I have no intention of hand quilting this, so I didn't feel any need to hand embroider the words... besides my machine does a great job at embroidery and it sits idle way too much since we no longer have the embroidery business.

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  1. Enjoy that corvette! I love my T-bird! It will be top down weather here in E. Central Illinois real soon!