Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ruffles Anyone?

I thought I'd get adventurous with my last project.  I have seen a number of ruffled bags and decided it might be fun to make one.  Somehow I didn't think ruffles would look too good on my arm. That is when I decided to send a message to a couple of my grand-daughters.  I got an immediate response from one.  I have already finished her bag and sent it on its way. 

I just got word that another grand-daughter wants one.  Looks like I will have to document the pattern I created so that I won't forget.  I was thinking I might just make the one, and really didn't make as many notes as I should have.  I've made a number of bags over time, and most I have not used a pattern... but usually they are for me, and I only need one, so no need to create a pattern.  One good thing on this one... I took alot of pictures... it's the measurements I will have to figure out.  I showed the ladies at my quilting group, and a couple of the ladies wanted to know where to get the pattern... Guess I will have to create a tutorial, because I didn't use a pattern.

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