Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wow... it's Wednesday

It is sometimes hard to remember what day it is when you don't go to work and have a need to stay on schedule.  That is not to be confused with having nothing to do.  I have a schedule, but it has nothing to do with an employer. Sunday is the Lord's day... we're at church morning and evening.  I am back at church on Monday morning for quilting.  Tuesday we go to breakfast with a great bunch of friends from church... the ladies have their table and the gents have their round table.  Wednesday we are back to church for evening activities... sometimes a class and sometimes a prayer meeting.  Every other Thursday we have quilting group that currently is meeting at my house.  Friday Ron and I go into San Antonio for whatever we happen to feel like doing.  Often times we stop at JoAnn's and almost always we stop at Sam's.  We end our outing with lunch somewhere special... sometimes special is just Chick-Fil-A.  So Saturday is a pretty open day.  Yes, I think we are on a schedule.

This past weekend we went on an adventure to East Texas.  It took 6 hours to get there, so we decided it was not a one day trip.

We have a camper that just sits in the driveway, so it was decided that this would be a good opportunity to take it for a new experience.  We bought the camper to have an extra room for company.  The camper has been used a few times for that purpose, but we had not taken it on a camping trip... prior to this weekend.

The Texas State Railroad runs between Rusk and Palestine Texas.  There is a campground with full hook-ups at the Rusk end... just on the other side of the parking lot from the depot.  This is the tail end of our camper to show how close it was to the railroad tracks.

We met some interesting people and the train ride was very nice.  Not so much scenery to wow the ride, but the ambiance of the train was good. Most of the ride was through wooded areas.  We did see an old train turntable though.  I had someone ask me to check the train ride out for access in regards to her Mom with a walker.  The train itself has been updated and is very nice, but we were in the Lone Star car which was way up front... and we entered several cars back.  Unless they were to provide a handicap entry, I'm not sure it would be good for someone who did not want to walk that far... the cars way back were not air conditioned. 

It was a nice adventure, and I don't have anything really bad to add... but we have been there, done that... you know how that goes. If it was within a couple hours, it might be a train ride I could take visitors to, but it would not be worth the 6 hour ride to get there... and the 6 hours back of course.

Have a great day.

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