Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday On Thursday

Moon flowers are so cool.  This one is a volunteer that appeared out front by the road as a full blown bush the very first time this summer.  Now this is not on our property... note the fence post in the background... it is just on the other side of our line. The neighbor has agreed not to chop it down and has no problem with me collecting the seeds from it. Although he would not care if I relocated it, I don't think I want to move it cause it may not survive.  Blossoms only last one night and disappear by about 10 the next morning.

Fridays are always fun days... more often than not, we head into town.  San Antonio has lots of stores and restaurants.  Also, there are lots of things to see and do while you are there.  Well, this Fun Friday got moved to Thursday this week, so Friday is just another day... problem is, it feels like today should be Saturday because we went into town yesterday.  On the other hand, things were not as busy in the stores yesterday, which was nice... and if today is not Saturday... but tomorrow is, does that mean there are two Saturdays this week?  I get a bonus day this week... how cool is that.  Now it is not possible to switch our schedule to do Friday on Thursday every week... and if we did, it would become routine and would no longer be a bonus day.

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