Tuesday, January 20, 2015

February Project

Starting in February I am taking on a new challenge.  I am going to demo a new project at our Monday quilting group at church.  Each month I will introduce a new project on the second Monday of the month.

I have decided to use this space here to provide a source of information for those interested participants.  This first project looks like you are dealing with small squares, but even a novice will find this project doable. 

February I will introduce this project which is a mat that can be used for your pet. Currently this mat is on a foot stool in my living room.  Two of my cats wait for their turn to use their new mat. It really is a big hit.  It has a non-skid backing (shelf liner) and as a result pretty much stays in place.  Can you envision this in your car or truck? 

For this particular mat I used scraps from my stash, but a Jelly Roll has strips already cut to the right width.  This mat also is 20" x 30" which made it easy to find the shelf liner in a width that did not have to be pieced.  Of course the length of the liner has to be cut.
On the Monday that this project begins, I will be explaining how this mat is put together.  Anyone is welcome to come and watch without actually making a mat, but for those who want to make one, the supplies you will need are listed below.

The fabric prep takes a bit of time, so no construction will begin in the first session.  The proper number of strips need to be cut to length, pressed in half and then stitched along the long edge.  If you have a portable sewing machine, you need to bring it with you to the first session so you can get your strips ready for the next step, which will not begin until the second session. Your sewing machine will need to be capable of doing a zig-zag stitch. We have an ironing board and a couple irons available in our supply closet.  We also have cutting mats and a few rulers.  You will need to bring some common straight pins (20-30 at a minimum).  Your stitching will show, so choose a thread that will work for you.

Fabric strips for a 20" by 30" mat:
   2 1/2" strips 16 - 30" long and 24 - 20" long  
   Backing fabric - this fabric will not show when mat is complete
   Non-slip liner 20" x 30"
   Additional 2 1/2" strips for the binding

The non-slip liner is available in many stores.  You will not need to bring the liner to the first session.  You may decide you want to make a different size, or someone may be able to split a roll with you.  I found a 10 foot roll at Bed Bath and Beyond, but it was only 18" wide.  The rolls at JoAnn's were available in 20" rolls by 48".  It would be best to have the backing in one piece.

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