Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Peach pie

I learned something new when I decided to make a peach pie a couple weeks ago.  Peaches usually are for making a cobbler in my kitchen, and fresh peaches make the best cobblers.  Of course this is not the time of year for fresh peaches... at least not that I have access to, but last year I bought a couple cases of peaches that I froze. I was looking for something else in the freezer and lifted a freezer basket to find I had peaches left that I did not know were still in there.  I had frozen the peaches whole unpeeled.
That isn't what I learned though. I did not have a recipe for a peach pie so I searched for a recipe online and came up with what looked like a good one.  I let the peaches thaw first, then slipped the peels off and sliced them.  The recipe said to put the peaches in a bowl with the sugar and let them sit for a whole hour.  At the end of the hour I was to drain the juice into a pan with the cornstarch and other ingredients and bring the juice to a boil until it was thickened.  Once this was done, pour the sauce over the peaches and toss to coat then turn into the pie crust. I had never heard of doing a pie this way... letting the sugar draw out the juice first... and I am not sure how well it would work with other fruit, like apples or blueberries, but I want to tell you this peach pie was absolutely awesome.  Best pie I have made and/or eaten in a long time.

Sugie is quality control this week.  He approves of the latest project.

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