Friday, May 7, 2010

Tim, Dad and Mothers

Mothers are special people.  This is a picture of my mother with my sister and I.  It was taken a long time ago.  Thought it was kind of a cool picture to share being the weekend of Mothers' Day.  Happy Mothers' Day to all the Moms out there.

I made it home safely from my short trip to Florida.  It was basically 3 days, but it felt like I was gone alot longer than that.  I had 3 really good days with my Dad.  My Dad isn't able to do many of the things he used to do, but he can surely play cards.  I had to recall my cribbage skills to match with the master, and I actually beat him on one match.  He doesn't miss a trick when it comes to cards.  He seems to be in pretty good health with the exception of his weak legs and his short-term memory.  He was exceedingly happy to have me there.  I haven't spent that much continuous time with him in years.

My brother is progressing in a positive direction although he has many ups and downs as he gets through his days, but with time, patience, and much prayer, I am confident that he will be restored to good health.  I had to keep my visits with my brother on the short side because he tires easily, but my father was able to go with me to visit Tim a couple more times than he would have if I had not been there.  I did go to visit Tim once without my Dad and I was able to take Tim for a ride to get him out of the house.

Thanks to anyone who may have been praying for Tim.  It is amazing to see how far he has already progressed, but he is still in need of prayer to get him through this rough time.  He continues to experience bad headaches, and cannot get much restful sleep.  You know when you don't get enough sleep, that alone can give you a headache.  Also not knowing what might have been the catalyst that caused this is causing some anxiety for him.

I praise the Lord for allowing me the opportunity to go to Florida to visit my father and brother.

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  1. I am so glad you had such a nice visit with your Dad and Tim. Those cribbage skills must run in the family as Aunt Mary is surprisingly sharp cribbage player! Were you able to tell your Dad about Gert? Hopefully you got our Mother's Day hearts in the mail ... we need to plan a visit on way or another. Your girls and boys need to see you and hug you! Much love on Mother's Day and always! xoxo Linda and the family