Saturday, May 1, 2010

First day of May

Not only was today the first day of May, but it was the first Saturday in May, which means there is an annual garage sale in our neighboring sub-division.  I already have more than enough "stuff", but one never knows what you might find at a garage sale.  You might find an old Featherweight or a quilter that is trying to downsize her stash so she has room for new fabric.  The nice thing about a neighborhood garage sale is you can hit alot of them in a relatively short timeframe.  Now my best treasures today were not purchased.  At one of the early sales the lady said her father had put the plants out that I asked about... when he came out he said I could have the plants at no charge.  He advised that they should not be planted in direct sunlight, and he indicated that it has a red blossom, but that was about all... I forgot to ask him what the plant variety was. I don't know much about the plants here in Texas, but I'm thinking it may be of the bromeliad family.  I found a shady place to plant them as soon as I got home.  If anyone happens to know from looking at the picture above... please advise.

I don't do that many garage sales, but I may try to do more.  They are kind of fun when you consider some of the people you see and talk to along the way.  I found out about my Century plant, and I found a quilter that lives just down the road a bit and around the corner.  When we were almost back home, just a few houses down the road, we stopped at another sale and met neighbors that we had not had the opportunity to talk to before.  The lady's sister was there and when we told her where we lived, she advised us that her boyfriend just moved into the house next door to us.  He isn't officially there yet, so we have not seen him yet.  The house has been empty for a couple years, so it was a surprise... and she told us his name, so when we do meet him, we can address him by his name.

Last week we had friends give us some shrubs that they were replacing with roses.  We weren't sure we really needed any shrubs, but we have enough space to find a place.  I got them put in the ground as soon as we got home, and we have been watering them every evening, but they are looking pretty pitiful.  We shall see if there is any hope for their survival.

One final update, my mini-garden is coming along nicely.  My green beans probably need to be thinned out, and my tomatoes have a couple blossoms.  I'm trying to do the best I can with my limited knowledge of the growing conditions here in south Texas.

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