Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Farmer's Wife Sampler

I still have a few more blocks to go, but I think I'm making pretty good progress on my Farmer's Wife Sampler.  I now have 66 official blocks done.  There are three additional blocks on the far end of the design wall that are extras.  One is from the SBS book, one really was not as square as I wanted it, and the third one I made way back when I started and used my HST template just guessing at the size.  When I finished the block, it was way smaller than it was supposed to be... I used the wrong size HST template.  The book didn't tell me to do it that way, I just thought it looked about that size.  I added more HST's to make it be the right size, but it would not be an official FWS block... so it is an extra for now.

A closer look at the last four blocks I completed.  As I have mentioned before, I converted to paper piecing early in this project... but even with paper piecing, sometimes you run into a challenge.  The Darting Bird 27 block had lots of units and after I got all the units sewn, I could not figure how to put the jigsaw puzzle together, so I had to go to my computer and look at the layout in EQ.  Most of the blocks are intuitive to figure out how the units fit together... not so on this one.

I have a quilt on my frame that I am quilting for a friend.  I think it is a quilt for her granddaughter, so I wanted to find some nice girly pattern.  After I got the quilt loaded and looked at my pantographs, nothing seemed to speak to me, so I came back in the house and designed a "daisy" pantograph.  I had other flowers, but they were too busy for this little girl quilt.  I think the daisies are going to look nice.  It is predominantly pink on the quilt side and she is using a solid white backing.  She wanted variegated pink thread... so that meant it had to be a nice pattern cause it is really going to show on the backside of this quilt.  I have it about half quilted already, but may be a couple days before I can get back to it.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your site. I enjoyed reading your journey in decision making for the Farmer's Wife Quilt Blocks. I love that yours are on point, the red sharing and beige HST that frame each block. I think the flying geese also tie everything together. Love your work.