Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kitchen Delight

It isn't every day that I can come up with new pictures, but I just had to take some pictures of my new kitchen. We talked alot about a new addition we were going to put on the garage to give me more room for my quilting frame.  By the time we got back from Arizona we had talked ourselves out of an addition to the garage.  I then made a proposal to Ron... seeing that I saved us the cost of the new addition, I think it is a small consolation to upgrade the kitchen.  He had no objections... but of course I kept my requests reasonable.
First I wanted a new range hood.  The old one just never did a good job of pulling any air up the vent.  New one is stainless steel and has a great fan and extremely good lighting.  Next item was the removal of the microwave from the counter, down there on the left under the kitties.  I moved my mixer out there where it is easier to access.  Microwave got moved into a cupboard on the other side of the room that was built with the intention of putting  a microwave in it.  We were convinced our microwave was too big for the space... it fit just fine.

You can see the microwave in the upper right of this picture.  The next on my agenda was a kitchen island.  I don't have a very big kitchen, so my island is of modest size, but it sure is a beautiful addition to my kitchen.  The table that used to be there in front of the window only collected mail.  We typically eat at the dining room table. 

This island is actually a cart... it has heavy duty casters that make it easy to move to where you need it.  Like Friday morning we made peanut butter sandwiches to take to church for the "Take It To The Street" ministry.  We rolled the island out a bit and we worked from both sides of the counter space.  So much easier than standing side by side to do the same task.

Last, but certainly not least I wanted a new sink with a fancy new faucet.  The sink is granite composite and the color is Espresso.  The faucet has copper hi-lites.  The deep sink is a single basin, but it has a raised shelf on one side where I will put a stainless steel dish drainer that is narrow and intended for smaller spaces.  The drainer hasn't arrived yet.

For a finishing touch, I decided the backsplash behind the sink was a little plain... it needed to be spiced up.  The image here shows the tiles I started out with on the top row.  We have had the bucket of blank tiles for years now, just waiting for the right project.  I used Mod Podge to cover the tile with fabric that I bought in Arizona.  Right now they are just resting in place behind the sink, but Ron will put a shiny finish on them before he adheres them in place.

I know there are lots of bigger, more beautiful kitchens out there, but I could not be happier with my new expanded kitchen.  It really is the same size it was, it just seems like it grew a whole lot.  It is just gorgeous, and we didn't spend an arm and a leg.

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