Sunday, November 6, 2011

Spending time in Arizona

We have been away from home for a week now, and it sure would be nice to be heading back home.  We are still awaiting the arrival of new grand-baby.  I have totally enjoyed spending time with my DIL and the whole family, but we have been in the house alot since we have been here.  As a result of having alot of  "free" time here, I have completed a few projects.  There was a mystery quilt I had been working on for a few weeks and the last step was released the Friday before we left.

The instructions were to add narrow sashing strips with cornerstones.  I didn't care for that option, so I decided to add the gold squares, which meant I had added more Y seams than I wanted to count.  I had a couple of fabrics with me that I had planned on using for the borders, but the two narrow borders were purchased at a quilt shop that is just down the road from here.  My DIL is not a quilter, but she really enjoys going to the quilt shops with me.

The next project I jumped into was the Fiesta quilt kit I brought with me to finish for my DIL.  Grandson's birthday was this week, so I had some curly ribbon at my disposal when it came time to add embellishments.  Most of my quilting has been done on my Featherweight that I brought with me, but I did use my DIL's machine for the zig-zag around the applique pieces.  Considering that she does not really spend a whole lot of time sewing, she has a very basic machine, and that works just fine for her... but it does do zig-zag. 

We have had the opportunity to do things with our grandson.  Makes you realize how much you miss by living so far away.  I am famous for finding projects to work with the younger set.

 GS and I made a necklace for his Mom.  She was very pleased with her gift, and he was excited to see her reaction.
While his Mom and Dad were out, GS and I were really busy.  Besides the necklace we made a wreath.  He poked most of the fabric squares into the straw wreath, but I think it turned out pretty cool.

 Did I say that I know where JoAnn's is here and I have already been there three times this week?  Last trip was this afternoon.  My husband and I decided we needed to get out of the house by ourselves and went back to JoAnn's and bought some candles for the fireplace.  My DIL was overjoyed at how neat it made her fireplace look.  I had seen it at a friend's house and told her about it.  The banjo on the side was a gift from grandpa to the birthday boy.  We will have to see if he will keep practicing once we leave.  He says he will play a song or two for us the next time we come.  Grandpa has had this banjo for 35+ years. 

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