Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Roll Top Desk... where is it?

I have a couple friends who have been making these things that they are calling a "snood".  I tried to find directions for how to make a snood, and what I found did not look like the snoods that my friends had.  So I asked one of my friends how hers was made and she gave me the stitch count and hook size and off I went looking in my stash for yarn that I could use as practice to see if I could get mine to turn out OK.  I had some Fun Fur left from a couple years ago on a different scarf fad.  I didn't have enough of one color, so I just grabbed two totally different colors.  I actually liked how it turned out.  Now I found instructions for similar scarves/hoods, but they were calling them cowl neck scarves.  A snood was described as something you make to cover up your hair... usually long hair.  I think it is a mobius scarf that can be used as a hoody...  A scarf with a twist.

 In case it slipped by your attention... I have a couple feline friends that live at my house... four to be exact.  Often times my socks have kitties on them.

I was browsing through my newsletter from Superior Threads today and they had a tip from a customer that told how she kept her bobbins with the proper thread.  I won't try to describe her little tutorial, but I thought this was a pretty neat idea.  You can go check out her instructions by clicking on this link...  Maria Elkins' tutorial .  It uses a fat straw, and when I first tried to do one, I was having an issue understanding just how it was supposed to work.  Once I went back to look at her pictures and instructions again, it became clear that I had not read it correctly the first time. 

Back several years ago I saved up my money and bought myself a roll top desk.  I had it before we moved to Texas... but no one in Texas was aware of this desk that has been sitting in our computer room, in the same spot, since we moved here.  The initial reason was that I put a lamp on the desktop that was too tall to close the top.  Then of course it doesn't take long to load up a desktop so that it becomes difficult to find a clear spot.  A couple weeks ago I tried to talk my husband into helping me move the desk.  I wanted to turn it so that someone looking in the room from the hall would not see the clutter on my desk.  He suggested we think on it for a week first.  I then started doing some organizing and clearing out of the clutter, and before I knew it, the  only obstacle in the way of closing the roll top desk... was the tall lamp.  Changed the lamp, and I found my beautiful roll top desk.  I mentioned it to a couple friends, and they had no clue where in my house I was hiding my roll top desk.

It is sometimes a couple weeks in between getting a quilt done.  I don't remember when my friend brought this one to me to be quilted, but I finished the quilting this afternoon.  It is always a good day when I finish a quilt.  Now this is only one corner, but it is enough to help me recall when someone asks... remember that quilt you did for my last year... when you do lots of quilts for other people, they kind of all run together.  
Finally... another pair of socks.  It was so cold this morning that when we went into town to go to breakfast... I surely had my socks on... and I also wore a scarf and gloves and my leather fully lined jacket.  Today I actually think it is colder here than it is up north.  Of course it never stays cold for very long here... but it seems extra cold because we aren't used to it anymore.  Now our kitties are Texas kitties and they are choosing to stay inside... so that confirms it... it is cold outside.


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