Saturday, March 9, 2013

Do you know what a mug rug is?

I wasn't sure that I could get my latest project done within the timeline assigned.  I signed up for a "mug rug swap" and my partner... that is the one I am supposed to send my "mug rugs" to, lives in Australia.  First of all, this is the first real swap that I have participated in.  After I received the two patterns, I wasn't sure I would do justice to the project... so I procrastinated getting started.  Using Steam a Seam is not my favorite way to do applique, but it appears that it would not be practical to do it any other way... so I forged ahead.  These are the fronts and backs of my resulting projects.  The deadline to be mailed is Monday... so God willing and the creek don't rise... I will be at the P.O. on Monday morning. 
By the way... a mug rug is for your coffee mug, or teacup, and enough space for a treat on the side.  These little rugs are 9" wide.

Last week I completed another project that turned out to be quite a little challenge.  I was given baby crib bumpers... I forgot to take a picture before I started the dis-assembly.  Of course Shorty found the stack of batting I had removed and started massaging her new bed. Anyhow, since it has been determined that crib bumpers are no longer safe... although how many people today slept in a crib with bumpers?  I would say most.  Wall hangings were requested and I puzzled on the task ahead for a bit, then decided that every seam had to be ripped out so that I would have every block individual to start considering their new placement.  My husband made the suggestion that I should move away from a "squared up look"... so I ventured out and came up with an "S" curve.  The end result was pretty cool.  Outside of the batting, almost all of the crib bumper material was used. The lady that had me do this for her new grand-daughter was very pleased.  Another project that will remain unique... It could not be repeated... because once is enough.

Last weekend there was a plant sale at the Alternative Education Center in town.  I have not been real successful with plants here in the sand dunes... we are not really in the sand dunes, but I really have to learn how to garden in Texas.  It is a challenge.  What is an even bigger challenge than the sand is the cutter ants that can strip your plants clean overnight.  I'm going to give it another shot though.  I have been preparing my little strip in front of the deck... my "sidewalk" is about half done... and looking pretty good.  I have not filled the cracks yet, but I have this stuff called poly sand that is supposed to do a real good job.  In this clip is the Bougainvillaea I purchased last week and an ornamental garlic.  In the middle is the Esperanza that has been cut back and started to show green leaves already.  I planted that a couple years ago.  My Esperanzas do really well... the ants don't seem to bother with them.  I have several, and they are beautiful.  I'm anxious to see if I can keep something new growing this year.

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  1. Your mug rugs are lovely, I especially like the little bird and the owls are great. We were given instructions for a Christmas mug rug at a meeting I went to recently.
    I have just finished covering a supermarket shopping bag for a secret santa swap.
    Happy Sewing, Lois