Thursday, February 7, 2013

Trail Riders

February is already proving to be a very busy month.  The first Saturday was Mid-Tex Symphony in New Braunfels.  The symphony's performance was outstanding. The theme was Superbows, and all the violinists were awesome.  Now I never took a music appreciation class, so for sure I may not have the right terminology... but I do know the music was wonderful.  We have season tickets and have enjoyed every performance with two of our very best friends.

Back up a couple weeks, we were invited to join in a group to make tamales.  Our leader of the pack is a veteran tamale maker... he does it every year in remembrance of his mom.  He has the technique down pat, and he tries to pass some of his knowledge along to us novice tamale makers.  Even though I will never attempt this by myself... there is so much more to it than the average person could possibly imagine.  We all had a wonderful time making tamales... and we all had plenty to take home with us.

One evening not long ago, I went out to call the cats in for their evening treat.  I looked up to see the moon through the big oak tree in front of the deck.  I went in to tell my husband that he needed to come look at the moon.  He went back in to get his camera once he saw it.  The fog gave it such a different look from a normal full moon.  At least I think it was a full moon...  Anyhow, I thought this was a really cool picture.

Now on to the highlight of the day.  We have a walking path that we drive to, and on our way over there this morning we saw lots of horse trailers at the main intersection down the road from our house.  It is Rodeo time and the week before Rodeo the Trail Riders start their trail ride that ends up at the Rodeo.  It passes through our town on Thursday every year... today.

There are lots of riders... the traffic is narrowed to one lane to pass by the trail drive safely.  Although this morning was a bit overcast, and there was a mist in the air, it was actually a pretty mild day compared to some of the inclement weather that sometimes is their lot.  February is pretty unpredictable.  Today even with the misting rain, some of the riders were in short sleeves.

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