Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our patio seems to change, almost every day.  Sometimes it is because I have added or changed something, but more often it is the growth of what I have planted or new birds at the feeders.  I am really pleased with my decision to include a bird feeder and bird bath to go along with the Hummingbird feeder. 
This table was a unique addition.  The top is plexiglass, and beneath the plexiglass the colors are created using natural sand from the yard and some bought at JoAnn's.  We later added some metal stars around the base of the table.  Really neat to see how many uses we can find for these handy black tubs.

This section of fence was added to give the patio a more defined look.  It also is a backdrop for some vines to climb on.  This is to the left as you step onto the patio from the deck.  I got a late start in regard to optimum planting time for my flower garden, but all seems to be doing pretty good.  Still waiting for the Morning Glories to produce any blooms.  One of these mornings I may be surprised when I go out there.

Here is a closer look at how my herb garden is doing.  The basil is the big one in the middle.  The bench in the background doubles as a table.  I really enjoy this bench. The back rotates up to make half of a picnic table.  We have a second bench like this on the deck so with the two together we would have a full size picnic table.  Quite often I find one or two of the cats sleeping under the bench.  I think it is a cool place for them to lounge, especially later in the day when the big oak tree provides even more shade.

Now I have a question... has anyone seen a moth that looks like this?  We found this guy on the wall just to the right of our back door.  He was there yesterday, and he is still there today.  He is pretty big... maybe 2" across at its widest.  Sure isn't anything we have seen before.  We are just leaving him alone.  He doesn't seem to be bothering anything. 

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