Thursday, July 11, 2013

Progress on the patio

I started off with the idea of having a red block patio, but early on my best critic advised me that he thought it would be cool if I used some of the blocks from the clothesline pad to make the patio look like a quilt block.
This was still very early in the patio project, but you can see where I switched blocks from the clothesline pad to the patio, so I now have two quilt blocks instead of a patio and clothesline pad.  The black tubs are not in place yet... this shows their size before I sunk them down a bit.

The blocks are not "grouted" at this point.  I needed to get them all in place and be sure that I wouldn't need to move any more than I already had.  When I was ready, I used a material called Poly Sand... I have heard it was advertised on TV, but I came by the idea of using it by word of mouth from a friend.  The Poly Sand pretty much seals the cracks so weeds can't grow up in between.  So far I'm thinking that was a very good choice.

The patio here is starting to really take shape.  I have a planted a few plants and bought some mulch in, and added some new color.  Those petunias just keep on keepn' on.  I bought a Jasmine plant that needed to have a post to climb on, the black tubs are submerged about 6 inches... these tubs have had holes drilled around the base and bottom to allow for drainage.  These will have some herb plants... not sure, they could already be there in this picture... just can't see them at this point.  Texas is a focal point to the left.  To the right you can see some round stones that used to be the "patio".  Actually they were what I stepped onto when I went down the back steps before I decided I needed a real "patio".  Moving them over to the side extended that edge. 
I will post again soon.

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