Saturday, December 26, 2009

Potato chip scarf ala Sal

A PC scarf can be knit or crochet. I choose to knit when I have the choice. I also modified the directions that I had been told because I wanted my scarf to twist more.

The size of the needles should be between a #9 and #11. It depends on how loose you want your stitches to be. I used short 10” needles #11. The yarn I used in the pictures was Bernat Baby BouclĂ© which is knobby and soft. It was a large 10.5 oz skein and I’m estimating it took about 4 oz. to make one scarf. My scarf is about 4 feet long.

Cast on 12 stitches.
First row knit 4 (K4)
Second row K4
Third row K3
Fourth row K3
Fifth row K12

Repeat these 5 rows until the scarf is the length you want.

The scarf will start twisting after only a few rows and because you are turning so often to go back and forth on 4 and then on 3 stitches, it will be real easy for a stitch to fall off, so be careful when you turn that you don’t drop a stitch. To figure out where I am when I pick the scarf up after a break… you can tell if after the first three stitches there appears to be a space, then when you knit the fourth stitch and there appears to be another space, then this means you are on the row that needs to be knit all the way across. If the stitches look uniform, you are on the row that you knit 4 then turn and knit 4 then turn and knit 3 and turn and knit 3 turn. I try to never put the scarf down between the K4 rows and the K3 rows, that way I can pretty much tell where I am when I start… it is either knit 12 across or start the knit 4 row.

One of the pictures is a close up of one end to show that you will have holes, but they are part of the pattern. The third picture is to give an idea of size.

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