Monday, December 21, 2009

Potato Chip Scarf

OK, here's a new one... a scarf made from potato chips. Only kidding, but that is what it is called. The other day I went to a birthday brunch for a friend who moved to Alabama and was back here for her birthday and Christmas, so a bunch of ladies were invited to brunch to celebrate Jean Evelyn. Jean Evelyn has become quite the knitter since she left Texas to become a full time grandma. She has been knitting lots of goodies for her grandkids, and lots of other special people too. One of the things she learned was how to make a potato chip scarf.

Jean Evelyn gave us a brief description of how it is done and I went home to look for a skein of yarn to try it out. The blue scarf pictured here is from one full skein (3 oz.) of Lion Brand Jiffy yarn. It really would be better if it was longer, but I wanted to complete one quickly so I could try a different one.

This is really simple to do. I used #9 needles because that was the largest size short needles that I had. I cast on 15 stitches. All rows are knit, and they are short, so it goes quickly. First row is knit 5, turn and knit 5 back, then you turn again and knit 15 to the other end. That is it, you knit 5, turn, knit 5, turn, knit 15, turn, then do it again, and again until it's as long as you want.
I started thinking that I would like it to swirl more, so I modified what I thought the directions were. I cast on 12 stitches onto #11 needles... they were long and get in the way, but they work fine. This time I knit 4, turn, knit 4, turn, knit 3, turn, knit 3, turn, knit 12, turn. and I found that it did twist more, and it went a little quicker because the needles were bigger. The gray on the right is the one from my modified directions.

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