Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feathers anyone

The art of doing feathers on a quilt takes a lot of practice.  When you spend a fair amount of time piecing a quilt, it might not want to be something you take a chance that the feathers won't look good.  Well, my sister sent me a quilt that she wanted me to quilt for her, and she didn't care what I did in regards to the quilting.  So I used her quilt to practice my feathers.  Now I have done a couple small practice quilts with feathers, but this is the first time I am doing them on someone else's quilt.  I still need to perfect my feathers, but I'm pretty pleased with how this quilt turned out.  Boston thinks it's pretty neat too.  I laid it on the bed to get a good look at it, and Boston was right up there trying it out.

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