Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wandering cord

Our quilt group at church meets on Mondays.  The closet/cupboard that we use to store our supplies is not locked because a couple other groups keep some stuff in there.  We do not typically have a problem with this arrangement.  Nothing of great value is in there anyhow, but the one item that is useful to many groups is a power cord/strip.  It isn't that someone is walking off with our power cords, but it is an issue of after they are done with using it, the last thing they think of is to put the power cord back where they found it.  After a couple of weeks having to search for a power cord so all of the ladies on the back table could sew, I decided to buy another power cord, and find a way to mark it so any potential "borrower" would be reminded to return it. 
Thanks to another blog, I got the inspiration to make a sleeve that would identify our cord.  This lady, Sue from Alderwood Quilts posted information about a sleeve that could be made for the tube on her CPAP machine, which is something you would know about if you or a loved one has sleep apnea.  The sleeve she has came from her therapist, but she analyzed  how the sleeve was made and gave a description.  Now the one I made for the power cord I bought will not come off unless you cut it off... that is the intention.  The sleeve is about 36" or so long and I sewed it on the machine (I did not have to use a zipper foot) after I had embroidered the message on my handy embroidery machine.  Now my embroidery machine has very large hoops because it is a commercial machine, so I was able to fit the whole 30" long message using only 3 hoopings. The message would definitely tell the person borrowing the power cord where they got it from, and when it would be needed again.
We shall see if it is helpful.

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