Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mexican Stars wall hanging

Last year when we were in Colorado, I went to a quilt show in Montrose.  It was there that I first saw the Mexican Stars quilt.  Back home I searched the internet until I found a place where I could buy the pattern... that was at least 9 months ago.  Earlier this week I received an email regarding a class schedule at a local quilt shop, and one of the classes was for the Mexican Stars quilt, so I called and got signed up for the class.  I was finally going to get a chance to make a Mexican Stars quilt.  I decided to see how it would go just using the pattern, I wasn't excited or anything.  Sometimes if you do a test project before you take an official class and you are not sure you totally understand what you were supposed to do for a particular step, you can get your questions answered at the class.  Anyhow, I bought the fabric yesterday, and pretty much cut it out and put it together last evening.  I put the finishing touches on it this morning.  Now it is not quilted yet, but the top is complete, and it is about 33" square.  I really enjoyed putting this wall hanging together.  It was all straight cuts and went very quickly.  The curved look is added in the last step when you turn the edges over and topstitch them in place.  I have to say that I don't really have questions, but I am still going to take the class.  I had a couple friends from my quilt group sign up with me.

These ladies are from the quilt group that I go to on Thursdays, twice a month.  We meet in a little farm/cottage type house that has quilts hanging everywhere.  Everything about the house speaks of quilts.  We have a limited number of quilters because the house is small.  Did I say that it is down an old country lane that crosses a creek bed?  Sometimes when we get alot of rain, the creek rises enough that it makes it questionable as to whether you want to drive your car through the water.  This Thursday was one of those days that the water level was questionable, so the meeting was diverted to my house.  We had a wonderful time here, but I didn't get much quilting done because I could not find my Mexican Stars pattern that I wanted to tell them about.  I spent most of my time searching only to find it after they left.  With pattern in hand on Friday I bought new fabric, even though I know I could have found enough fabric in my stash, but I wanted new fabric.

We did go in to town as per usual on Friday, but we went to an ordinary restaurant, so I have no raving reviews to share with you this time.

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  1. Kind of has a double wedding ring look to it but not quite. Very pretty. I haven't seen this pattern before.