Friday, February 11, 2011

A new lamp & my quilting room

I actually could have added this to my previous post today, but I thought I would leave that one alone. Went to SA and one of my purchases was a new lamp for my sewing room to clamp on the shelf over my ironing board.  The other one just got in the way.  I saw this pink one and knew it was the one I needed.

When we got home this afternoon I had to take the box out to the shop that I had filled from the reorganization of my stash shelves.  Pieces that were either very big or that were not 100% cotton did not need to be crowding my shelves.  We have been out of business for a couple of years now, but we still had lots of vinyl that we used for making signs and creating heat applied graphics.  We took all the vinyl and put it in bins.  Then I took the fabric that was in bins in the closet and put it on the shelves where the vinyl was.

I also have lots of books that needed to find a new bookshelf.  Most are older craft books that I agreed to move out to the shop, but now there is space in the house that has been freed up.  I will not agree to move my quilting books out there... at least not yet.

The embroidery area is around the corner from the quilting machine... across from the shelves with the fabric. When we closed the business I had lots of space in the shop to expand my quilting.  I now have taken over more with the move of the fabric and books in the place of the vinyl.

Last item today is a shot of my quilt wing out in the shop area of our garage.  Someone asked about this room recently.  The room is long and narrow and on the far end there is a doorway into a storage closet.  Nothing fancy, but it works very well for my quilting space.

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