Friday, February 11, 2011

Organizing my space

I made the decision earlier this week that I wanted to do something about my stash storage that sits above the steel bookshelves in my sewing room.  As sewing rooms go, I have a very small one, but it is pretty efficient.  I don't have to move very far to be able to access almost everything I need when I am sewing.  The problem with the bins the way they were is the fabric stacks were too high, so every time I wanted something, of course it was on the bottom of the stack and if I decided it wasn't the right piece, I could not easily get it back where I pulled it from.  So on Tuesday I emptied one bin and got a heavy piece of cardboard and cut slots on the side for the wire and snapped it in place and neatly put my fabric back in and was pretty pleased with myself, but as I backed up and looked at it, the cardboard was sagging in the middle.  I taped a few pieces together to make a support post and kind of fixed the front sag.  My husband wanders in and says that it was not going to work... before long my fabric would fall out.  We went to Lowes and bought some panel boards.  He got them home and cut up the board to fit the bins, complete with slots to fit the wire on the sides.  I have to tell you that it was a much, much stronger shelf, and it didn't need any support post on the front side.  I had also indicated that it would be nice to have a couple slide outs, so we bought a wire shelf that had a big lip on one edge and he cut that to size and put them in lip edge facing up on the back side of the bin.  Now I have some really neat storage bins for my stash.

I want to see about getting a different lamp today... maybe a clamp on so I can have a couple more slide out shelves.  The lamp illuminates my ironing board, so it is necessary where it is at this time.

While I was emptying and restacking my shelves, I only put back what was fat quarter size or larger.  The really large pieces and anything that wasn't 100% cotton I put in a box to take out to my shop closet.  I have clear bins on the shelves out there.

I'm really liking how the shelves look now. It always helps to make an improvement that makes you feel good about your space.

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