Monday, February 7, 2011

Half square triangles anyone?

Getting any quilts done has not been on top of the list for the last couple of weeks.  Last week I was part of a group with five quilters that went to a school to give a presentation for third graders on the art of quilting.  The class only had 16 students, so they were divided into 4 groups of 4 and we had 4 stations for them to rotate through.  One lady read a short story about quilting history.  The next station had two ladies displaying antique quilts and telling the stories behind them.  Next there was a demonstration of cutting using a rotary cutter.  Safety in the use of a rotary cutter was the main emphasis.  The last station was me sitting at my Featherweight and showing them how a nine patch is sewn together.  I even showed them how to use a seam ripper and take a nine-patch apart.  The overall purpose of the presentation was a quilt that they want to create as a class to use as a fundraiser for their school... it is a private school.  Each student is going to draw on a piece of muslin something that reflects their personality.  After they get these done, we will add nine patch blocks to create a really neat quilt.  It will be auctioned off at their gala in March.  I will be the one who will quilt it once it is all constructed. 

This is the only quilt I've completed in the past two weeks.  My friend did a great job putting this one together and had requested that I quilt it so that she could turn the backing to the front for the binding.  This is not my most favorite thing to do because it requires extra attention to detail when you are quilting, but when it was done, I was very pleased with the result.

Now on to the half square triangle.  I signed up to do a Batik exchange with a group of ladies on, an online group.  The sign-up time ends this evening so the final number of participants has not been announced yet.  Yesterday the count was at 129, which means that each person is to make at least 129 HST to send to the lady organizing this exchange, and she will sort and mail them back out to everyone.  What I am proposing is a mini exchange to go with the HSTs we will be receiving.  I do not have a specific quilt in mind, but there have been estimates posted to indicate a small quilt would take close to 450 HSTs and many more for a larger one.  If we get the number up to 150 in this exchange I am currently in, it would still take many more to make a quilt.  Variety is what an exchange is all about... you send out 150, could be all the same light/dark HST... and you get back 150 different ones. 

In the exchange that I am proposing I am looking for 20 quilters to send out 20 sets of 12 HST.  The sheets that I have for the 2" finished HST can be printed on your printer and there are 12 on each sheet.  So you would have to print 20 sheets and sew and cut them apart.  There is more information required to get this done, but I'm trying to find out if I can find 20 quilters to participate to add 240 HST to your collection of 2" HSTs.

I do not typically have lots of comments, but if you are interested in doing this, leave a comment.  I'm not going to set any dates at this point, just want to see if there is an interest. 

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