Sunday, January 30, 2011

Featherweight treasure

I have owned a Featherweight for two or three years and I have found it to be an awesome machine.  The serial number on my Featherweight indicates it was produced in 1950.  That makes it at least 60 years old and it still works great.  They sure don't make machines like that anymore.  A few of my quilting friends have had their Featherweights much longer, and their raving on its performance inspired me to look for one of my own.  I searched and found a good one on eBay, and since then have bought at least two others for ladies in my quilt group.  I belong to two different quilt groups and if you were to walk in to either of them, you would find numerous Featherweights stitching away.

The machine pictured here is not the Featherweight that I have had for a couple years...  I didn't really need to be looking for anyone, but a couple weeks ago I browsed through the sewing machine listings on eBay, just to see what was out there.  I noticed this one and thought it looked really nice.  I put in a top bid that I thought would have little chance of winning.  Well here it is... I have a second Featherweight that is much older than the one I already had.  This one dates back to 1936, making it 75 years old.  Even though it is older, it is actually in better condition.  This Featherweight not only looks great, it stitches great as well.  I truly found a treasure and I intend to keep this 1936 Featherweight.  I will probably hold onto the other one for a while... until someone decides they need one too.  By the way, I took this outside to take the pictures in the hopes that the daylight would show off its beautiful shine... I think it worked.

I have been busy quilting up a storm... for my friends.  I have not put any more columns together for my Farmers Wife Sampler quilt.  I guess I will have to schedule in time to work on my own quilts.  The one here on the left was a scrappy quilt, and the lady only does a quilt now and then, but it was one of the best ones I have had to work on.  I'm referring to the construction, not the pattern.  She did an awesome job putting this one together.  I tried to do it justice with my quilting.  I think she was quite pleased when she came to pick it up.

There is one more that I finished a few days ago that I didn't get a picture of.  I created a pantograph of an airplane to use for the quilting on this vintage plane quilt.


  1. What a beauty!! Enjoyed the tour of your quilt and sewing rooms too!

  2. Love the string quilt! Your quilting of it is very nice. Someday hope to have a sewing machine that doesn't bog down when machine quilting. :)