Saturday, June 27, 2015

June almost gone

About a month ago I made a suggestion at my Monday quilting group that we all bring in 81 five inch squares - there are 40 in a Charm Pack. Even if you didn't want to cut all of the squares, it wouldn't be difficult to come up with 81 squares... 2 Charm Packs plus one more 5" square.  These 81 5" squares would make up nine  9-patch blocks, that would then be cut up to create another unique block.  The fun part would be for each of us to put our 81 squares on the table and take 81 back that were not the original ones we brought.  Sure sounded like we would all come up with a neat quilt. Borders and sashing would make each one unique.

The second week several of us brought in our 5" squares and did the exchange. The first problem arose when I sewed my first two 9-patch blocks, cut them and sewed them back together per the instructions.  The block definitely did not provide the expected result.  All those who participate agreed.  Next problem was... what to do with the 81 5" blocks.  I think you have to agree that the block is some ugly.

 I started looking for options.  I had to come up with something that was a good recovery for a very bad suggestion.  I found a tutorial on YouTube by Jenny Doan for a window pane 9 patch.  I proceeded to create nine 9-patch blocks with sashing to create "window pane" blocks, then turned around and cut them to create her variation of a "disappearing 9-patch".  Her suggestion was to put them together so that none of the seams matched up.  Well, I put them up on my design wall and was trying to organize them so no "like" colors were together.  My quilt critic walked by and told me he could hardly stand to walk by cause he thought it was disjointed and it was uncomfortable to look at.  It wasn't the scrappy look he didn't like, it was the black sashing that did not match up to the sashing in the block next to it.

Well, I contemplated on what I was going to do with this now very acceptable quilt and came up with a table quilt... it fits our table very nicely.

To the right is the center of my next quilt project. I like it lots already and I have only just begun. I have lots of fabric choices that I will incorporate into this new adventure.  When this one is complete it will fit very nicely into the background of Ron's Creation classes at church.

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  1. Good looking tablecloth! Love your solution to the block dilema :)