Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June in South Texas

This is long overdue... my last post indicated that we were in the process of moving back to Ohio.  Well, that is not going to happen.  So just to be sure there is no confusion... we are staying in Texas, right where we have been for all these wonderful years, in our little homestead just south of San Antonio.  When we started looking at houses in Ohio, it became very evident that we were not going to be happy leaving Texas behind.

Now back in Texas I did not plant a spring garden because I was not going to be here... but I did have lots left from my winter garden.  Well, I did plant potatoes in February, so technically I think that would kind of be a spring garden.  I harvested the potatoes a couple weeks ago already.  I had a pretty good crop of potatoes, both red ones and white ones.

Just this past week I pulled up all my onions and let them dry some before I braided them into a rope so I could hang them like I used to.  I had red, yellow and some small white ones.  All are very impressive for my first real onions in Texas.  My dill plant was taller than I am and I thought I had harvested all my Brussels sprouts, but when I was thinking I should be pulling up the plants, I found them loaded with a whole new crop of sprouts.  A garden that just keeps on giving.

My quilt room has been expanded.  There previously was a doorway going into the room which limited the length of the frame that my longarm sits on.  Ron basically knocked out the wall that the doorway was in and opened that end of the room. It is amazing how different that work area looks now.  It has a whole different feel.  Now this picture does not show where the doorway used to be, but it does show the longer frame.  With the longer frame I also had to make longer leaders, so last week was a busy one. 

 This is a quilt that I had in the closet for several years now... waiting to be finished.  Since I had time, I was able to get one of my own quilts on the frame.  So many times I have several quilts from friends that usually take up alot of my quilting time.

I saw a pin on Pinterest for this pieced binding.  The pieces are 2 1/2" strips sewn together then cut on the bias into the long 2 1/2" strip to go around the quilt.  I think it really turned out cool... and so did the cats.  Boston has pretty much claimed the upper spot.  This quilt does not have a destination yet... not sure what I will do with it.  Don't know why I chose the size, but I sure do like how it all turned out.

Updates coming up in the backyard.

Hopefully it won't be so long to my next post.

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