Saturday, June 18, 2011

Arizona in June

June is always a busy time of year.  Both of my daughter-in-laws have birthdays, then right after those birthdays comes my husband's, then a few days later mine comes along, and a week later is my brother's.  Today is my mother-in-law's birthday and two weeks ago was their anniversary.  I'm really bad about doing birthday cards.  It's not that I'm opposed to sending them out, but time seems to slip away and it gets to be too late. 

My husband and I do not make a big deal about birthdays or any other designated day when you typically give each other gifts.  We buy each other gifts whenever... we don't have to wait for a reason.  Two months ago my husband decided to buy himself the Corvette he had wanted for a long time.  It was kind of one of those things you think you'd like to have one of these days... and he decided that the day had arrived.  We are both enjoying it very much.  I always thought they were pretty cars, but I had heard that the ride was not very comfortable for any long distance driving.  Well, I want to tell you that it is very comfortable, with lots of leg room.... of course I'm comparing it to the Miata we had just prior to the Corvette.  Unlike the Miata's limited storage space, we have plenty of room for whatever luggage we want to take along for a trip.  We plan on doing lots of cruising in this awesome car. This week was our first real trip in the Corvette.  We are currently in Arizona visiting family.  Our grandson really thinks the Corvette is cool.  Our son got to take his wife for a ride in it last night and the stories he had to tell when he got back to the house of their experiences in the car were quite entertaining.

I have enjoyed perusing through a few quilt shops in the last several days.  I have not made any major purchases, but I did find lots of fat quarters.    I used my Quilters' Travel Companion as my guide to find some of the shops along the way.  Cowgirl Up in Benson Arizona was a real treat with lots of western-centric fabric.  We are staying in a little town just outside of Tucson, so I have had the opportunity to visit a couple more shops in the greater Tucson area.  I don't have a picture of the first one we found.  I forgot my camera back at the house... but it was quite a find.  It had more fabric than I have seen in one place in a very long time.  My DIL has driven by the place numerous times and never dreamed it was a real quilt shop.  It is kind of out of town and in the desert. Of course she is not a quilter, so it had not even crossed her mind to go check it out.
She did help me find two other shops yesterday.  The Quilter's Market had a really nice baby room as well as lots of area specific fabric.  I was on the lookout for a specific piece of fabric for a friend and the lady at Bella Quiltworks was more than willing to advise me of other places to try.

I'm really enjoying the time here with our grandson.  He is 7 and quite the young man.  I went to VBS with him yesterday... his mother was a volunteer so she invited me to share in their last day.  Several people came up to me and told me how happy they were to see that I had arrived safely.  It seems that he had asked everyone more than once to pray for the safe arrival of his grandma and grandpa from Texas.

I know they say it is hot in Arizona, but it is a "dry" heat.  I can't see any significant difference from the hot we experience back in Texas.  If it is hot, it is just plain hot.  When you live in a hot environment, you know how to deal with it, so it really isn't a big deal.... but it is still HOT.  Oh yes, fires and smoke is a big topic lately with all the wildfires in Arizona.  We saw some smoke on our trip coming in, but mostly in New Mexico.  We saw some hazy skylines in various places along the way... but nothing significantly close.


  1. Sallie, I enjoyed reading a bit of your blog today. Your post about the quilt shops down by Tucson made me feel like planning a little weekend trip. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I visited both of those shops while were in Tucson 2 years ago! Lovely area to visit, but I like my seasons in the midwest!