Thursday, June 9, 2011

Colorado in June

Although our trip was very short, we did enjoy a few moments to take in the beauty that was around us.  We drove in one day, loaded up our truck, and headed back to Texas the next day.  No time to just hang around.  Ron is so good about stopping when I want to take a picture or two or three.  

Keep in mind that this in June and there is still a lot of snow on the mountains.  The pass we normally come in through was supposedly open, but we were advised that it was not really stable enough to know an avalanche could not be triggered.  We chose to go the safer route.

On our trip back home, we made a stop in Alamosa with the intent to visit one of my favorite Colorado quilt shops.  I didn’t have anything particular I wanted to purchase, but I had hoped to take a look around.  It happened that we arrived before the store was open.  It was not a wasted stop, I got to take a picture of the store front, which will become my first picture in my “Quilt shops I have visited” album.  I may modify the name of the album/journal, but I figure I have visited a lot of quilt shops and quilt related events that will just all blend together if I don’t have something to help me remember each one.

Second on my quilt agenda for this trip was to at least drive through Laveta, Colorado to see if I could find Ricky Tims gallery.  We go through part of Laveta on Hwy 160 when we go to the cabin.  It didn’t take much coaxing to get my husband to take a slight detour to drive down into town to scope it out.  Laveta is a neat little town I never would have known was there if I wasn’t on a mission.  I did find Tims Art Quilt Retreat Center, but it was not what I expected.  I at least thought there might be a little gift shop or something.  I walked up to the front door and it was locked.  Justin was walking by and never offered any information… he kind of ignored me.  I walked over to the side door that Justin went in and asked him if the place through the main door was open.  He said no, and it is just a retreat center and nothing is going on right now.  I didn’t want anything from him, just a simple answer to a simple question. His tone was less than cordial…

I could have walked away with a nice warm fuzzy… “Boy this would be a neat place to come for a retreat, the setting is so awesome”.   Well, that did not happen.  I’m glad I got a couple pictures. There was a neat train station across the park that dated back to 1876…. and there were some really pretty poppies.  A kitty cat was crossing the park at the same time I did.


  1. Sal, it is my understanding that LaVeta is a tourist town with lots of visitors. Did you introduce yourself as a member of TQS to Justin??? I find it hard to believe that he was intentionally rude.

  2. I believe that LaVeta is indeed a tourist type town... pretty neat. I did not say I was TQS, but he did not give me any indication he was interested in why I might want to see the place. I asked him about Ricky and he was abrupt with his answer, so I left it alone and walked over to the park. Simple answer was it is not a gallery, so the next thing I would have done is go over to the park anyhow. I just expected him to be a little more "friendly". He was more than friendly at the Houston show when he had his "public" face on.

  3. Too bad about that interaction! But looks like the rest of the trip was great!