Wednesday, March 3, 2010

OBW and Managing Your Waste

It has been a while since I posted here... but I want to tell you, it's been busy, busy, busy.  I started working at sewing the strips together for my One Block Wonder.  The OBW has been a long and tedious process.  Once I take those colorful blocks out of the border... this is going to be the layout.

I made a brilliant discovery yesterday when I was emptying my trash boxes that I have in my sewing room.  I like to have a trash receptacle wherever I am working.  Nothing worse than having a mess piled up because the trash bin is too far away.  The Cheerios we buy at Sam's comes in a really big, sturdy box.  If you fold the flaps in and put a plastic bag inside, it makes a pretty fast and easy trash basket.  Trouble is the plastic bag falls in.  I looked at it yesterday and a light bulb turned on.  Now I typically staple the flaps to the inside, so I unstapled the two side flaps and with them sticking up, I'm thinking these were perfect handles to hold the plastic bag, but what could I do to keep those flaps sticking up so the bag handles don't come off.  Velcro does the trick very nicely.  I took little squares of Velcro and put it on the flaps.  Now when you stick the Velcro square on, leave the hook side stuck to the loop side and peel the tape off, then when you turn the flap down it is perfectly aligned.  Slip the handles of the plastic bag over the flaps and fold the flaps down so they are Velcroed in place.  Plastic bag will not fall in anymore... how cool is that!

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  1. That quilt is looking gorgeous! I can't wait to see the finished product! I also happened to see the "box tops for education" still on your Cheerio's box. Your girls are saving those (along with the campbells soup and other ones) for school. Perhaps you could save them for us and mail them?

    Glad to see you are keeping busy!