Saturday, March 6, 2010

Old Wooden Spools

About a month ago I went shopping at Ikea, and it seems I always come home with way more than I need to.  It is just that they have so many neat things there, I keep thinking as I spot things walking through the store... I know I can find something to use that for... no matter what it might be.  Actually, one good thing is I do talk myself out of alot of things. Well, I saw this square vase that was fairly heavy and I really don't need a new vase, but this one really could end up being used for something neat... I never had a square one before.  So I bought it.  This past Monday I happened upon a bag of small wooden spools of thread in a box that someone dropped off at church for our quilt group.  You can't use the thread when it is that old, but the spools can inspire new creations.  I have a necklace made from some old spools, and I know there could be other things you can make with them, so I decided I would give them a new home in my sewing room.  I got home and looked at the bag of spools and I'm thinking it looked like about the right quantity to fit in my square vase.  So now I have an appropriate decorative accessory for my sewing room, at least until I find something else I might want to use the spools for.

I am always finding something new to dabble in.  I don't know what made me think of the beads that I remember making when I was back in elementary school.  Yes, I probably have made them a few times with my kids, but that was also a long time ago.  Anyhow I cut up some magazines and made these tube beads that end up in a variety of sizes.  I went into my craft stash and found some beads to go with them and started slipping them on some gingham ribbon I had.  I could not believe how nice it turned out.  Now it isn't something I'm going to wear with a fancy dress, but with jeans and a shirt, this necklace can look pretty cool.  It has a simple bead closure.

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