Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thread storage

I am working on a couple different projects, like I normally am all the time, but I don't want to show my OBW again until there is significant progress since the last time I showed it.  The main body of the One Block Wonder is sewn into strips, but now the border has to be added. No new picture of that today.

My next topic, thread storage, was inspired by a post on another blog.  It reminded me of the process we went through to get my thread closet built.  I used to have an embroidery business, and that was all about thread.  I had hundreds of spools of thread when I first started, then started adding more and more cones of thread.  It is a good idea to keep your thread in the dark to protect it from light exposure, and covered to keep the dust off. There is actually a big florescent light in the ceiling above the closet so matching colors is real easy.
My handy husband went to Home Depot and bought a pre-hung closet door, built a simple frame to set it in and added adjustable shelves. He put together a document with the plans way back when he first built it.  I can email a copy if you send me a request.
You would not have to build a closet like this, but you could simply attach the racks to the back of an existing closet door in your sewing room.  The shelves came in pretty handy for my cones as the racks were meant for the smaller spools, but the racks on the door makes access super easy.

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