Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vintage sewing machine

The other day on TQS (The Quilt Show) Bridget posted a picture of a vintage sewing machine cabinet and she indicated that there was no room to have it open.  Her post inspired me to post pictures of my little beauty. The Wilcox and Gibbs that I have open in my living room is a family heirloom that dates back to a great-grandmother.  I could not bear to leave it closed up in its cabinet.  My little Wilcox and Gibbs actually does sew.  My husband fiddled with it and with a little digging on the internet, we found out how to thread the machine.  I quilted a set of placemats on this machine. It does a chain stitch and it does not have a bobbin.  If anyone is interested, there is a little history about this machine that dates back to the 1800's at this website Wilcox and Gibbs.  When people do notice the machine, it becomes quite the conversation piece.  This is the second house that I have had the machine open and on display.  In the other house it was in the foyer.  The dresser scarf protects the cabinet, but it also covers the space left for the missing drawer.

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