Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We are ready for the road

I knew it would not take long before we had another RV.  The reason for having an RV is to have additional sleeping room in the event that we were to have company requiring a place to sleep.  With all of our hobbies and interests, and as often as we have overnight guests, it makes more sense to use the house for the more necessary purposes.  We have been on the outlook for a replacement for the RV that we sold last summer, and one finally became available that seemed to be just the right fit for what we thought we needed.  The trailer is only 15 feet long, which means that we will have no problem keeping our current truck.  The 2007 Aljo is in excellent shape and even still smells like a brand new trailer when you open the cupboards.  It has a nice little kitchen area that includes an oven, and the bathroom has a shower.  We have no immediate plans to take it out on the road, but we do have it pretty much accessorized already because we had all the extras that we packed away from the other RV.

I may just try baking a cake in the trailer oven today just to make sure that it bakes good.  The lady who sold it to us never used the cook top or the oven... on the road she was strictly microwave. 

On another front, I have completed my One Block Wonder quilt top.  I have no clue what type of design I will use to quilt it, but it is a milestone when you complete a top.  The appliqued flowers are at the bottom because I felt they would be more visible there when on a bed.  The top is folded over in the photo because my friends were not going to stand on chairs to hold it for me to take the picture.  The pictures I took with it laying on the bed did not show the whole top very well.

 I cannot put a quilt on the bed without Boston knowing a picture is about to happen... even if her face doesn't show.

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  1. Gorgeous quilt!!! We have the same sewing machine here in our guest room - I've never had it open and out but it appears intact and rumor is the woman who owned it used it well. We have just the place for you to bring that RV!!! Maybe someday we could meet in the middle? I've never been to Tennessee ... maybe we could meet and camp one summer?