Monday, January 25, 2010

Blown away

I have a wonderful husband who does all the vacuuming in the house.  This morning I was getting ready to leave for a quilt meeting when he turned the vacuum off and said "oops".  Now I have a pretty good sized design board, but it is in the hallway.  He forgot about the exhaust on the vacuum and blew several of the lower blocks off the wall.  He had just made an extension so I could fit my One Block Wonder and the design wall now goes down to the floor... prime target area for the vacuum. He just has to remember to go down the hall in the other direction next time.

Over the weekend I took all the blocks down and put them back in a different layout.  I also cut some flowers from the fabric the blocks were taken from that I will applique once I determine where it will end up.  I made a sample section of a step border that I will probably use in one of the borders.

With my design wall in a hallway, it is hard to stand back and be able to see the whole quilt.  When you are too close, you don't see as clearly the areas that need to be moved around.  The above photo pointed out a block with a gold center that stands out as a definite move candidate...  along with many others, but then all the blocks could be moved numerous times before I'm done.  Photos can be helpful tools in this type of quilt.

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