Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weather is going to change

We have been experiencing a few really nice days after going through a really, really cold spell for South Texas a couple weeks ago.  Well the clouds are starting to roll in as it heads back to being cold again at the end of this week.  It's still pretty mild out there this evening, and at this point the clouds make for an interesting sky as dusk turns into evening.  Both of these pictures just caught my eye as I was coming back in from taking a couple pictures in my quilt room.

I was reading a post early this afternoon about someone's studio that is under construction.  Right now I call the place that I have my quilt machine and frame, my quilt room.  I'm thinking I need to refer to it as my quilt studio... but then what do I call my sewing room in the house, where I do all my creative sewing before it is ready to be quilted. 

I have decided it is time to finish up some UFO's.   The quilt that is loaded on my frame is not one of mine.  It belongs to a friend, and I have had it for a while.  It is really hard for me to feel justified putting one of my quilts on the frame when I have unfinished quilts I have agreed to do for someone else.  This is the first of two quilt tops that I need to get done so I can start quilting some of my own.

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