Thursday, January 7, 2010

BOM Progress - new border

It really takes determination to keep at a quilt that is as intricate as this one is. There were actually 176 flying geese in this last border. In took 28 paper-pieced strips with 6 on each... that takes a little bit of time. The nice part about paper piecing is you can pretty much count on the flying geese strips to be the right size when you are done.

There is one more border to add. I think there are 72 sawtooth stars in this border. I have 8 stars to complete before I am ready to construct the border... and oh yes, 4 log cabin blocks for the corners. The end is in sight.

Sugar leaped at the opportunity to pose in the middle of the quilt when I layed it across the bed to take a couple pictures. Then of course there is Boston, knicknamed the "String Katza" because she likes to be in the middle when I am sewing or knitting or doing anything that involves string. If she cannot nab a string, she is going to be in the middle regardless.
Fluffer likes to nap on the ironing board.

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