Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Block Wonder - new cubes

All blocks have been rearranged and there will probably be many more changes before I am done, but I'm having fun in the process. I have added a new block that will be my background (a verigated hunter green), and I am trying the effect of breaks in the layout pattern. These new blocks will surround the quilt and right now my thought is the borders will all be different sizes and I have it layed out now with two breaks through the main part of the quilt.

I have created documentation for how I created the new cubes that I have added. One has a suspended cube in the center, the other has a missing slice. No instructions to be found so I figured it out and made my own. If you are interested in my documentation, I would gladly share.

The design wall is now 30" wider than it was before... it allows me to put all of my OBW blocks on the board. The extension is not permanently attached so when I am not working on a big quilt I can put it away.


  1. You've inspired me! I've been wanting to make a OBW quilt. I just HAVE to do one sometime in 2010!

    Beautiful, Sal!

  2. I love the One Block Wonder quilts..How lovely yours is. I love your blog!