Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Apple pie anyone?

It has been few days since I last posted and I thought I would take a picture of one of the projects that I am working on so you can see the difference when it is done... hopefully in the not too distant future.

First, this is the recipe for my apple pie, including my crust.  I don't do alot of measuring sometimes, but this is close for the filling part.  The pie crust was my grandmother's recipe. The pie in the picture is an applique that was part of the embroidery process. 

I have had this center block for a wall hanging embroidered and ready to add some borders for a very long time... like a couple years I think.  I have finally found the apples that I want to applique on the border, and I now have them ready to start stitching on.  I was going to do turned edge, but I think a raw edge applique will work nicely.  Yesterday I trimmed the center block and added the red border.  The next 6" border will have the apples on it.  I'm kind of creating as I go on this one. Once this is done, I have to decide whether my daughter or my son would appreciate it more.

On another front, I have added to my garden.  A lady from church brought me some more plants.  I still had 5 more black bins, so I had to start digging again.  It is not real clear in the picture, but the pepper plants and tomato plants have really grown in the one week since I planted them.  I even have beans that are popping through already.
I decided a couple days ago that if I was going to plant a garden, I should take the time to add some color to a flower bed that has not had any flowers in it since we have been here.  Not sure whether it is a good place for petunias under the tree, but in the sun here is really hot.  For now it is already pretty... let's see if it lasts.

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