Saturday, April 24, 2010

Apple pie is done

The quilt is done... after many votes for red and several for green, I decided on a red and green binding.  With just the binding in question, it probably would have looked good either way. 

On the status of my brother... Praise the Lord, I was able to talk to Tim today, and he actually sounded pretty good considering what he has gone through in the past week.  He is definitely not out of the woods yet, but his progress is moving along in a positive direction.  His daughter said that he went for a walk with her a couple times already.  He will still be in the hospital for another week, but with the number of people who have been praying for him I know he will be home soon.  He again told me that "God is in Control". 

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  1. This turned out so well (both the quilt and Tim!)