Friday, April 9, 2010

Musical convergence quilt

The other day I watched one of the earlier videos with Ricky showing how to make an easy convergence quilt. I went into my sewing room and found a couple fat quarters that looked fairly good together.  I wasn't looking to create anything special, I just wanted to try the convergence technique to make sure I had it right.  After I had it sewn back together it didn't quite look like Ricky's, but I did not have any of his hand-dyed fabric.  It looked similar though.  I pondered for a moment trying to decide what I would do with this little convergence.  I thought about putting a clear plastic sleeve on the front to make it into a picture frame.  My husband said that I would be hiding the neat design I had just created.  It reminded him of music and he suggested that I put some musical notes on it.  I thought that sounded like a pretty good idea and I started looking for some images of music that I could use to create some applique notes to add to the mini-quilt I had just created.  I was considering how I was going to deal with the skinny part of the notes... thinking I could hand embroider them.  My husband suggested that I do them on my embroidery machine.

Did I mention that my husband is very good at critiquing my work, and often has some very good suggestions to improve or help me through a decision process when I'm stuck or unsure where to go.  Now I don't always agree, but more often than not he has influenced me to go with his suggestions.  He even offered to digitize the notes for me.

My intent was not to create a masterpiece, but I think the musical notes really made this little quilt turn out pretty neat.  The wall hanging size quilt is about 32" x 20".  From start to finish I think it took me less than 2 evenings to get this done.  That is almost unheard of to get a quilt done that quick, no matter what size it is.


  1. We play lots of musical instruments in our home & I just love it!

  2. Great little quilt - and what a marvellous idea to put notes on it.